Firma Betacom S.A. została założona w 1995 roku.
W ciągu dotychczasowej działalności na rynku, specjalizując się w projektowaniu, doradztwie oraz wdrażaniu rozwiązań informatycznych, zyskaliśmy ścisłą pozycję w gronie największych integratorów polskiego rynku.

Put your data to work biDQM

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One of the major challenges associated with data analytics is maintaining the accuracy and consistency of your data. At best, bad data quality can make users reluctant to use your BI system. In the worst-case scenario, it may lead to incorrect decisions that entail significant losses to the company. To avoid this, organizations invest heavily in manual data quality validation processes, relying on their staff to check reports and analyze results.

biDQM ensures that the data stored in your company’s reporting systems is correct and that business decisions can be made with confidence on the basis of the BI system you have implemented. biDQM is a complete solution that quickly adapts to the existing process of feeding source data into the data warehouse.

Data Quality Management (DQM) is a dedicated tool for data quality assurance in enterprise reporting systems and data warehouses.

biDQM provides the following features:

  • Automated data quality assurance process
  • The ability to generate a broad range of tests based on user-defined variables
  • Friendly and intuitive user interface
  • Functionality to access and compare data from external sources
  • Built-in, dedicated engine for optimal test execution
  • Scalability to match your needs and the scope of the data being analyzed
  • Data error alerts sent using available communications channels (e-mail, SMS)
  • The ability to create advanced reports that take into account the importance of data
  • Multiple built-in data cleaning algorithms, such as data consistency checks, missing value generation, etc.
  • Broad support for various predefined types of tests
  • The ability to deliver test results as predefined KPIs and detailed reports
  • Built-in automation and information distribution methods based on test results and importance

Source data cleaning solutions are essential in any project that involves data warehouses and business intelligence systems. By using these solutions, you can boost users’ confidence in the data warehouse and reduce implementation cost and time compared to manual data quality control methods.

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