Firma Betacom S.A. została założona w 1995 roku.
W ciągu dotychczasowej działalności na rynku, specjalizując się w projektowaniu, doradztwie oraz wdrażaniu rozwiązań informatycznych, zyskaliśmy ścisłą pozycję w gronie największych integratorów polskiego rynku.

Move your services to the cloud BLUER.Monitoring

About product

Do you want to centralize your IT management?

Would you like to monitor your hardware, software, business processes and environmental parameters proactively?

IT monitoring in the BLUER cloud makes it possible to create a maintenance center that works non-stop to provide online analyses and statistics tailored to the each customer’s needs. IT infrastructure visualization, hardware/application/database performance monitoring, fault/failure/bottleneck detection and SLA-compliance monitoring capabilities, as well as current/historical status reports and trending reports for the environment being monitored are all available as a service. Thanks to its wide range of functions and capabilities, the system is used by both IT administrators and IT managers.

Full control of your IT environment without upfront investment – improve the security of your business and reduce the risk of downtime with the BLUER cloud-based monitoring service. 
  1. Centralized information: All information on the entire environment is available in one place. By monitoring system resource utilization on an ongoing basis, you get the full control needed to make strategic decisions, optimally plan infrastructure development and manage the environment, licenses and applications.
  2. Proactivity: Armed with a full picture of infrastructure bottlenecks, possible failures and system utilization levels, you can respond quickly before key business functions are affected. In addition, you can take advantage of active trending capabilities and SLAs.
  3. Cost control: The service-based delivery model eliminates the risk of high investment costs associated with purchasing licenses, support, additional applications, deployment services, etc. With the BLUER cloud, costs reflect the size and architecture of your environment, and remain fully predictable thanks to a monthly subscription for an unlimited number of users.

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