Firma Betacom S.A. została założona w 1995 roku.
W ciągu dotychczasowej działalności na rynku, specjalizując się w projektowaniu, doradztwie oraz wdrażaniu rozwiązań informatycznych, zyskaliśmy ścisłą pozycję w gronie największych integratorów polskiego rynku.

Move your services to the cloud BLUER.NXNastran

About product

Would you like to speed up your concept and design evaluation processes?

Are you wondering how to shorten the design time and time to market for your products?

NX NASTRAN simulations in the BLUER cloud provide an efficient, scalable and secure on-demand solution that adapts to your needs, offering you the best way to perform NX Nastran analyses in less time and at a lower cost. An NX Nastran license is all you need to perform even the most complex simulations. All calculations will be done in the cloud, and the results will be uploaded automatically to your computer’s disk drive.

Excellent scalability and performance without upfront investment – get faster and cheaper NX Nastran analyses with BLUER cloud computing.
  1. Flexible scalability: Parallel processing considerably reduces the analysis time, but involves significant capital expenditure. Now you no longer need to purchase and manage an extensive hardware infrastructure as the BLUER cloud will deliver the required capacity to match your current needs.
  2. Optimal performance on demand: The cloud provides a cost-effective way to run simulations. You can evaluate a larger number of design options within a shorter period of time, thus achieving improved product quality and shortening the time to market. Take advantage of the unlimited potential of the cloud.
  3. Predictable costs spread over time: The cost of purchasing and then maintaining a high-performance hardware platform can be an insurmountable barrier for many NX Nastran users, especially small companies and freelance designers. Choose the BLUER cloud to eliminate capital expenditure and infrastructure maintenance costs.

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