Firma Betacom S.A. została założona w 1995 roku.
W ciągu dotychczasowej działalności na rynku, specjalizując się w projektowaniu, doradztwie oraz wdrażaniu rozwiązań informatycznych, zyskaliśmy ścisłą pozycję w gronie największych integratorów polskiego rynku.

Build your competence GUFO

About product

By sharing ideas and experiences, coworkers can help promote and grow your business. To make this happen, you need a new way to manage your organization’s knowledge, support communication, collaboration, and learning, and build the corporate culture.

Web and Social tools can be of great help here. This is why we have created GUFO, the app that lets you build a state-of-the-art working environment to support knowledge, information, and experience sharing within your organization.

The app is built using Microsoft technology on the Microsoft Cloud platform: Office 365 and Azure. Integrated Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 functionality enable each coworker to contribute to the knowledge base and collaborate on documents using his or her Web browser.

For your convenience, the app can be deployed traditionally or in the Microsoft cloud for Office 365. Both models are supported by the flexible Azure infrastructure that ensures an efficient and secure working environment.

Millennials, the so-called Generation Y and Z, born in the years 1980-2000, in the next 10 years will constitute 75% of the workers in the world.Deloitte, Global Human Capital Trends 2015


GUFO means “owl” in Esperanto. The product addresses the areas of internal communication and soft HR, such as knowledge management, skill building, building a community within an organization, and knowledge sharing with gamification mechanisms. The solution reflects the needs of young employees, known as “Millennials”, nowadays increasingly hired by companies, by enabling them to work as they are accustomed to and remain effective for the organization. More details about the solution are provided in the attachment.

The application will be sold in the SaaS model, for a monthly or yearly fee.


  • Use gamification features to help your employees become more involved and effective while ongoing feedback  keeps them interested in their scheduled activities.
  • Enhance work efficiency with streamlined communications within the organization and between teams, and support for remote work.
  • Achieve new levels of creativity and innovation by ensuring more effective exchange of knowledge between employees.
  • Keep your knowledge in a single location to ensure control over your proprietary know-how even when employees leave your company, and facilitate relocation and onboarding.
  • Support better decision-making and act with success by using tools that help you locate the right people, documents, and conversations.
  • Build a compelling image for your company as a modern and friendly workplace!

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