Firma Betacom S.A. została założona w 1995 roku.
W ciągu dotychczasowej działalności na rynku, specjalizując się w projektowaniu, doradztwie oraz wdrażaniu rozwiązań informatycznych, zyskaliśmy ścisłą pozycję w gronie największych integratorów polskiego rynku.

Optimize your costs Print outsourcing

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By outsourcing your printing, copying and imaging operations, you can use a fleet of printers and multifunction devices in an innovative and comprehensive manner. In addition, outsourcing is an excellent way to take advantage of the associated output management and document processing systems. With a fixed cost throughout the contract period, regardless of currency exchange rates or changing prices and labor costs, you can achieve a high level of cost-effectiveness, optimize your spending and maximize benefits.

Betacom offers a complete portfolio of print services – from simple hardware sales to operation (lease) to full outsourcing. It is up to you to choose the best solution, and the choice does not have to be difficult. Betacom can perform an audit of your printing, copying and imaging systems to understand your environment and needs, then provide a set of recommendations to identify the optimal solution.

A complete range of printing and imaging services allows us to offer a solution tailored to every customer’s unique needs.

Printers and multifunction devices with extended maintenance, hardware monitoring functionality, output management systems, supplies and maintenance parts: The equipment is owned by Betacom and made available to customers who pay for printouts and copies in addition to their monthly equipment rental fee.

Remote equipment monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance; configuration problem resolution; remote technical support for the customer’s administrators and end-users (including remote desktop control and support for PC users); remote firmware/BIOS/application upgrade and reinstallation.

Access to the support line (available during the maintenance window): Technical advice and phone consultations are available with respect to the operation and use of the installed equipment.

The maintenance window covers weekdays from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and includes unlimited hardware repairs, periodic preventive inspections (including maintenance and inventory counts) performed every six months and an 8-hour failure recovery time / hardware replacement commitment.

This is possible thanks to our dedicated replacement hardware, replacement part and supplies warehouse.

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